The Shalgi Lab


How does a cell sense its own protein folding state?


How can a cell tune its protein levels when

proteins misfold or aggregate?

Can we rescue cells from neurodegeneration-related protein aggregation? YES WE CAN!

The human cell is a well-coordinated system.

In our lab we try to understand this coordination between

several cellular networks, how it works to maintain protein

homeostasis in the cell, and how it goes wrong in disease.

We are fascinated by the cross-talk between two crucial

systems in the cell, thus far mostly considered as separate:

Protein synthesis -  primarily the ribosome, and

Protein folding - i.e. molecular chaperones

We are looking at networks of chaperones and co-chaperones

and their cross-talk with the translation machinery, and we are

interested in the way that molecular chaperones control translation during conditions of stress and neurodegeneration, including Huntington's disease and ALS.

We are using cutting-edge high-throughput technologies: ribosome footprinting and robotic LUMIER protein-protein interaction assays.

The lab is growing and we are recruiting!

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