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How do human cells adapt to stressful environments? 


What happens to our cells when proteins aggregate? and why does it get worse with age?

Can we rescue cells from pathological aggregation that happens in ALS, Huntington's disease, and in neurodegeneration in general? 

We study human cells as a complex system.


We combine molecular biology with computational biology and data science to understand gene expression networks, how they are connected, and how they function in stress and neurodegeneration.

We are developing, generating, and analyzing data using cutting-edge high-throughput technologies: NGS, ribosome footprint profiling, robotic LUMIER protein-protein interaction assays, screening systems.

The lab is growing and we are recruiting!

Check out the Join the lab page.

Lab News...

​Protein Homeostasis Regulatory Networks

& Molecular mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

Rappaport Faculty of Medicine

Technion, ISRAEL

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